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Luton Town Ladies Youth


Welcome to 


Luton Town Ladies FC were formed in 1997.

Off the back off our senior set up, the club operates a Youth Section with girls from aged 6 through to 16.

Following a restructure of the youth section in 2015-2106 the club has grown and passed many players through to the Seniors.

For the 2020-2021 season we are operating:

u8s, u11s, u12s, u14s, 16s. Other age groups may be formed with interest during the season.

Home games are played at Lancaster Avenue, Luton, LU2 7AD.

Teams play within the Bedfordshire FA Girls league on a Saturday morning.

With the expansion of the female leagues and teams, we also play teams from all over the country for friendlies and the ACES national competition.

Football should be fun. Our National game is important, but so is the ability to create a fun and friendly safe atmosphere.

That is our aim, to let girls go home with smiles on their faces after training, playing matches.

Our coaches believe in developing the players, whether win lose or draw, there can always be positives found and worked on.

Meeting new friends, staying a team throughout the age groups, progression through cups & league completions 

Players coached by Senior team ladies, dads, mums and all the parents looking at their little hero on the pitch.

For us it's all about the smile from the pitch.

Yes there will be tears, but it's how we deal with that and come back stronger.


Promote the game of football and to provide opportunities for all girls that would like to play

Provide fitness, Teamwork, Good sportsmanship, sense of achievement no matter what the level

Educate and develop all players, coaches, parents, grandparents, carers


Provide all the girls within our system a great pathway through to the Ladies Senior teams, giving opportunity for development.

Make the system inclusive of everyone and not just an 'Elite'

We will never use the word 'Elite' within our club youth section. Every player is special to us

Our Coaches

Paul Matthews

U16s head Coach

kezia Hassall

U11s head Coach

Kim Newns

U14s Head Coach

Jess Secker

U8s head Coach

Chris Chew

U12s Head Coach

Mark Wareham